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100% recycling your food waste


Automatic separation 

Separate food waste for recycling, 
without manual separation 

We’ve invented an artificial stomach, a bio-mechanical system integrated with specialised micro-organisms and bacteria to automatically liquify and separate food waste from other wastes. 

Food waste goes down can be digested, other waste can’t be digested.   Hence the separation. 
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IMG_0001 2.png
On-site treatment

Decentralised, on-site treatment

Right at your


We envision a net zero world where all food wastes are recycled through the transformation of the collection process. We’re shifting the conventional focus on food waste treatment to the first stage within the supply chain: Waste production.

The Vuala X1 is designed to be air-tight, suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, treating food waste right at your hotel, office, university, hospital and central kitchen without smell.


Enhance your recycling rate,
by taking out the 
messy stuff

Think about a bag of food waste. What do you think will happen to it after a day, a week or a month? It will be smelly, disgusting and will definitely attract bacterias, flies and vermin. 
Food waste is a messy problem, and once it’s mixed with other stuffs, it makes everything very hard,
if not impossible to recycle. 

The Vuala X1 automatically separate food waste from other wastes.

By treating the food waste onsite, the Vuala X1 allows 
food waste to be stored for months without smell, significantly delaying collection frequency, saving 95% labour and logistics cost while reducing 75% CO
2 emission.
Automatic separation technology

Use it just like a normal
food waste bin

Simple & Hassle free
Whether it’s a submarine wrapped in plastic film, or a whole deck of unsold food, simply put it into the Vuala X1 like you are already doing with a normal bin. 

Extract treated food waste by simply turning a tap 

Simple & hassle free
To extract the treated food waste, simply turn on the tap and pump the treated food waste into slurry tank for storage.

No dirty hands, no smell, no complicated operation.

Simple and easy.

One-stop food waste collection/recycling service

One-stop service
Store the treated food waste for months without smell. 

We will come and pickup the tanks and turn it into biogas, electricity, hydrogen and animal feed. 

Maintenance included.
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