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Who We Are

What if we could fight against climate change by rethinking food waste management?

Vuala is an engineering biology company working to make food waste recycling easy with our automatic food waste separation technology. We’re shifting the conventional focus on food waste treatment to the first stage within the supply chain: Waste production. Our goal is to help UK be a global pioneer in food waste recycling, while benefitting UK economy and productivity in a positive way.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce 100 million tonne CO2 in 10 years

Vuala is working to reduce 100 million tonnes of CO2 in 10 years. Our automatic food waste separation technology is able to prevent 100% food waste from going to landfill, reduce 75% carbon emission for every tonne of food waste, and produce raw material for biogas and animal feed production within hours on site. 

Leadership Team

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