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World's first automatic food waste separation solution

The Vuala X1 automatic food waste separation system automatically separates and recycle food waste on your behalf, allowing you to tackle food waste, reduce emissions, and produce raw material for biogas and animal feed production.


Vuala X1

 Vuala X1 is the next evolution of food waste waste collection technology which automatically separate  food waste from other waste to facilitate food waste recycling.


There are a few distinctive advantages of our system:

  • Turn >95% of food waste into raw material  for energy and animal feed production within hours on site.

  • Only 5% labor & logistics cost as compared to industry incumbents.

  • Offer anytime food waste disposal 

  • >75% carbon reduction in food waste disposal.

  • No caddies or bags of rubbish would be left on road to affect township.

  • Able to provide service to all building types

Vuala X1 can be combined with an automatic bin lifter, operating with only a press of a button. Providing labour and hassle free service for you. Vuala X1 also has built in odour control and slurry storage tank, making collection flexible and less frequently.

With Vuala X1, we're able to provide cleaner, faster and flexible food waste collection service tailored to your need.

Micro-organism kit

The X1 micro-organism kit contains specialised microorganisms and bacteria compatible with Vuala X1.


Vuala X1 + X1 Micro-organism kit automatically liquify and separate food waste from other waste, turning them into raw material for biogas and animal feed production within hours onsite.

Benefit of using Vuala X1

Cost Reduction


Labour cost reduction


Operation Cost reduction

Environment Impact


£20 less

per tonne compare to competitors


Logistic cost reduction

Carbon Reduction

Business Impact


Anytime disposal


Bags of rubbish will be left on road


Food waste treated with an hour on site



Coming Soon

IOT interface mockup(page 2).png
IOT interface mockup(page 1).png

Vuala Cloud Platform

From March 2024, each Vuala X1 system will be linked to the cloud system.

Functions of the cloud platform includes:

  • Food waste tracking and usage comparison

  • Capacity calculation

  • Pickup notification

  • Location marker

  • Temperature control

  • Repair monitoring

The cloud platform also remote monitor system operation while calculates food waste amount and slurry volume

The cloud system also automatically design pickup routing to collect slurry from different systems and deliver to centralised facilities.

Vuala Card(COMMERCIAL).png

Vuala Card

The Vuala card will be linked to the Vuala X1 system and the cloud platform, providing access to the system by Identification scanning.

With the Vuala Card, Vuala provides a clear record of your food waste contribution and prevents you from paying extra.

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