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  • How long do you need to process all my food waste?
    The Vuala X1 converts 95% organic waste within *3 hours. The system process an average of 15kg of food waste per hour. *Based on data from exiting system in place
  • Does the Vuala X1 ever need to be turned off?
    The answer is simple....No
  • What type of waste can be recycled?
    The Vuala X1 automatically food waste recycling system enables the conversion of virtually any organic waste into raw material for biogas and animal feed production. It includes both pre & post-consumption food waste, Examples include: fruit and vegetable waste rejected grains bakery waste egg waste meat bone seafood
  • Is there any residue left over that needs to be removed?
    All food waste are process and recycled, while non-organic waste will be automatically separated and can be removed anytime from the detachable chamber.
  • How often and how much can I feed the Vuala X1?
    The key to Vuala's success is balanced feeding just like your stomach. If you feed it too much at one time it takes longer to digest, a balanced diet is the best way to allow the Vuala to be most effective.
  • I am interested, what's next?
    Our engineering team will be in contact and conduct an onsite survey on the amount and types of food waste of your facility. Installation and training are conducted the same day. It is that easy. On the day of installation we will train all shifts to make sure they’re thoroughly educated on the Vuala X1.
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