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Discussion between Dr. Liam Fox MP, former Secretary of State and CEO of Vuala

We are honored to have had a highly productive meeting with Dr Liam Fox MP, esteemed former Secretary of State and current Member of Parliament for North Somerset. Our discussion revolved around the recently passed Environment Act, specifically focusing on the crucial issue of food waste.

During the meeting, we unveiled how Vuala's cutting-edge automatic separation solution aligns seamlessly with the Act's objectives, presenting an opportunity for the United Kingdom to lead the global charge in food waste recycling.

Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

The focal point of our conversation was the transformative role that Vuala's automatic separation technology can play in addressing the most challenging aspect of the food supply chain: collection. By revolutionizing this crucial stage, we can make significant strides in reducing food waste and harnessing its potential as a renewable energy source.

Gratitude to Dr Liam Fox MP

We express our utmost gratitude to Dr Liam Fox MP for his invaluable insights and support throughout our meeting. His expertise and commitment to environmental causes were instrumental in shaping the discussion. We eagerly look forward to future collaborations that will drive us closer to a greener, more sustainable future for the United Kingdom.

Looking Ahead

The meeting with Dr Liam Fox MP marks a significant milestone in our journey to pioneer food waste recycling in the UK. We remain dedicated to advancing our automatic separation solution and collaborating with stakeholders to make a meaningful impact. By reducing food waste and harnessing its value, we can contribute to environmental sustainability and create a circular economy.

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