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Founder’s Diary - Learning from a semiconductor industry expert

Over the last few months, I had the privilege of learning how to supercharge Vuala from Richard Ord our mentor at Octopus Ventures.

I still remember the first time having dinner with him, I thought: What a guy with such charming charisma!

He told me all his funny memories during his time at Pembroke College, Cambridge, his pride of being able to speak multiple languages, and of course his industry experience working at some of the biggest name in the semiconductor industry.

I’ve learnt so much from him, and he has been extremely supportive since the beginning. From driving miles to come to see the #VualaX1 in person, to taking hours of train journey to attend Vuala’s product demo day.

I honestly couldn’t be more grateful to Richard. Richard now runs his own consultancy firm, Richard Ord Consulting: The Silicon Eye. If you’re looking for advice in the semiconducting industry, or simply any startup advice, go speak to him!

P.S. Richard loves football and enjoys skiing maybe a bit too much, so if you want advice from him, here’s a way to get started!

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