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Vuala exhibit at the Royal Institution

Today Vuala has hosted an exhibition at our office at The Royal Institution of Great Britain. It was an incredible experience to showcase our innovation in this iconic location, and we couldn't be more excited about the outcome.

The Royal Institution is a world-renowned scientific organization that has been at the forefront of scientific discovery for over 200 years. It is home to #MichaelFaraday and 15 #nobellaureate, where 10 chemical elements was discovered. It has a rich history of hosting groundbreaking exhibitions, lectures, and events, and we are thrilled to have been part of that tradition.

We were thrilled to see so many people come through the doors and engage with our work. It was an incredible feeling to see people's faces light up as they explored our displays and learned about the cutting-edge #technology that we are developing.

Being able to showcase our work in such an iconic location was a truly unforgettable experience. We are grateful to Undaunted (formerly the Centre for Climate Change Innovation) and The Royal Institution for giving us the opportunity to share our passion for #innovation and #technology with the world.

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