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Vuala invited to exhibit at CW International Conference 2022: The Hyperconnected Human

(Photos taken at the CW International Conference (CWIC) 2022 Picture credit: Keith Heppell, Cambridge Independent)

The annual CW International Conference (CWIC) is an annual flagship event by Cambridge Wireless. Each year it attracts hundreds of Founders, Directors and C-Suite Executives to network and influence the topical issues of the industry.

More than 500 delegates – 370 in-person – attended this year’s CW International Conference (CWIC) which was hosted at Hinxton Hall on the Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton.

The theme for the conference – ‘the hyperconnected human’ – included analyses of how being hyperconnected how user expectations of connectivity are changing security, privacy, health, entertainment, community and healthcare, and the challenges that this raises for the wireless industry.

This year Vuala exhibited alongside fellow exhibitors such as Samsung, PWC, University of Essex , Anglia Ruskin University and many more.

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