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Vuala named Highly commended, Cleantech company of the year by Cambridge Independent

We are delighted to announce that Vuala has been honored as the "Highly Commended Cleantech Company of the Year" by Cambridge Independent. This recognition highlights our commitment to environmental sustainability and our innovative approach to solving pressing food waste management challenges.

At Vuala, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the food waste management industry through advanced technology, data analytics, and sustainable practices. This prestigious accolade from Cambridge Independent reinforces our position as a leader in the field and motivates us to continue driving positive change.

We extend our gratitude to Cambridge Independent for acknowledging our efforts and promoting our vision for a cleaner and greener future. This recognition inspires us to further refine our solutions and collaborate with industry leaders to make a lasting impact on environmental conservation.

Vuala remains committed to advancing cleantech solutions and is excited to lead the way towards a more sustainable world.

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