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You can even put plastics in there?!

You can even put plastics in there?! We love how surprised people are when they realised #VualaX1 can take both food waste and other random things.

Plastic packaging, bin bag, Harrogate water bottle, baking paper, plastic culteries… We don’t hold back at all! We put all kinds of random waste into the #VualaX1 to prove it’s capability to automatically separate food waste from other waste.

It’s been day 2 since we’ve installed our first #Cambridge site at The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge Science Park and we’ve already got exceptional interest to see the #VualaX1 in action!

We’re now really to expand, and install more #VualaX1 all across Cambridge and London.

Interested to get #VualaX1 on your premises? Let’s have a chat!

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